About Us

HAPPINESSS IS HANDMADE ! "An epic journey of success- handcrafted "

My Name is AISHA and yes I am an 18 year old entrepreneur. I have a start up of making handmade gifts. Its like a gift's boutique where people come to me and I design for them according to their requirements. It started about 2 years ago when I started selling handmade cards , scrapbooks paintings and portrait in school ! after some time i created my own page on Instagram and Facebook !

People started buying things from me. They started loving my creation. I make greeting cards, portrait , scrapbooks , sketch , you name it, i got it for you (within 7 days) I HELP YOU EXPRESS YOUR AFFECTION FOR THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE, LOVE YOU BACK EVEN MORE because happiness is handmade.

I help you express your affection for the people you love, love you back even more because Happiness is Handmade!

People come with their ideas for love and I turn it into a handcrafted reality. I never disappoint #happiness is hand made with a workforce of 10 people working to achieve your expectations, we deliver happiness right at your doorstep! Based in Delhi, we take orders from all over the country and our clientele base expanding day by day with orders from the middle east and even orders from all across the Atlantic.

My mission is to produce creative handmade products which are innovative well designed, fashionable, beautiful and different to others.

This is one of the best platform of giving beautiful gifts on reasonable prices to unite your loved ones.